Hotel Rates in Fort McMurray

Don’t spend too much for a hotel room. There are a lot of different hotels out there and not all of them offer the same great amenities and quality room care like Ridgewood Inn. We know that when it comes to travel you’re already spending money on gas, food, and various other travel needs. That’s why we focus on providing you with affordable hotel rates in Fort McMurray at Ridgewood Inn. Whether you need a hotel room for work, a vacation, or something else, choose the Ridgewood Inn to meet your needs. Our hotel rates for Fort McMurray present comfortable rooms for you to enjoy without exceeding your travel budget. Call today for a rate that matches your needs!

For Business

The reasons why you might travel might vary, but your need for quality accommodations won’t. A relaxing getaway or an extended business trip both require sensibly priced hotel rooms that offer amenities and the comforts of home away from home. If you’re looking to book a full-suite room for your workers, we offer competitive rates for corporate bookings and for longer stays.

Let Ridgewood Inn complete your experience with a room that fits your needs and provides comfort all while providing you with competitive hotel rates within the Fort McMurray area.

Current Rates

Although our rates are subject to change, we always strive to offer competitive pricing for long and short-term stays. Our rates are as follows:

  • Daily rates starting from: $120
  • Monthly rates: $115-$160

      (Subject to change)

Although your room rate largely depends upon your length of stay as well as your room choice, you can also choose your preferred layout. Consult our Rooms page to see all your options. Then, pick the option that suits you most.

Benefits at Ridgewood Inn

Come enjoy our great location that features restaurants, a coin laundry, and a grocery store within walking distance. We offer clean and comfortable rooms that allow you to rest from your hectic day and prepare for the next.

Contact us for further information on our Fort McMurray hotel rates at 780-743-8000 today.

Clean & Modern

Clean & Modern

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